Alain Bourdeaux

[ In memoriam ]

Founding partner of Aliénor avocats, Alain Bourdeaux was a recognized international business law practitioner.

After working as General Counsel at VINCI CONSTRUCTION GRANDS PROJETS for over twenty years, he joined the Paris Bar in 2005. Alain was at the inception of Aliénor avocats, which he co-founded with Hélène Bourgine in 2010.

Alain shared his professional experience and knowledge of major construction projects in France and abroad, acting as Partner until 2018, then as Of Counsel until 2022.

Alongside his professional activities, Alain Bourdeaux devoted much of his time and energy supporting associative projects linked to helping youths, the preservation of historical heritage as well as the safekeeping of marine craftsmanship.  

A skilled seafarer, passionate when it came to the sea and history, Alain was Vice-President of the Hermione Lafayette Association until 2017. Thereafter, he founded and was Chairman of la Mora-Guillaume le Conquérant Association based in Honfleur, that aims at rebuilding la Mora, admiral ship of William the Conqueror’s fleet.


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